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How to apply Bye Bye Frizz Straight

by Renatta Sanctos 17 Sep 2022

For professionals who need treatment to realign the hair strand. Practical, easy to apply, odorless, doesn't burn the eyes, and no smoke. 

Bye, Bye Frizz is a thermal realignment treatment that, removes the frizz and reduces the volume, It's applied in a single step. It provides long-lasting, moisturized, and shiny hair.

Its formula is formaldehyde free and has been carefully developed with Splendor Oil Technology, a mix of 9 natural macadamias, peach, hazelnut, chia, kukui, baobab, moringa, batana, and canola oils, which provide natural and moisturized hair. 

BBF Straight procedures

  1. Rinse the hair with deep shampoo, without scrubbing the scalp, only the hair.
  2. Remove the moisture with the towel and dry 50%
  3. Apply the product on the hair strands without touching the scalp and leave for 1 (one) hour.
  4. Rinse the product and apply the mask from the middle to the ends of the hair and leave it for 2 or 3 minutes. Rinse to remove the mask
  5. Apply a leave in with thermal protector (BBF Leave in), Blow dry and flat iron 7 to 15 times, depends on the hair conditions (thin strands for a perfect result)
  6. In subsequent applications, apply the product on the roots and for the last 10 minutes, apply from the middle to the ends.

TIP: You can also apply the Bye Bye Frizz Super from the middle to the ends or
the Equalize Gel on more damaged hair, at the same time as applying the Bye Bye Frizz Straight to the root.

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