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How to use Equalize

by Renatta Sanctos 17 Sep 2022

Equalize was developed with nanotechnology. It contains Serina amino acids. Equalize is an intense yet natural treatment that repairs damaged hair. 

This treatment can be done in up to four applications allowing a temporary change to the hair structure. The more applications the better the results. 

Equalize replenishes nutrients, adds intensive shine while reducing volume and frizz. This treatment makes hair easier to manage by restoring movement and the overall natural health of the strand. 


1- Apply the equalize shampoo to wet hair one or two times. Rinse thoroughly and remove
excess humidity with towel
2- Divide hair into strands and apply Equalize Gel Cream from the root of the hair to the
ends, massaging for better penetration of the product and align with the comb.
Let it stand for at least 25 to 50 minutes, depends on how much damage and thin is the
hair. Rinse thoroughly.
3- Apply the Equalize mask. Massage well and wait 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
4- Apply a leave in and do a very good Blow Dry

Tips – If you want, to finish the procedure, you can use a flat iron in low temperature in thick strands.

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