Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
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Retail Customers

We recommend using our Dry line, TT-cream Kit, Hypnotic, Argan Oil, and the Perfect Hair mask.

We recommend using the Dry line, TT-cream Kit, Hypnotic, Argan Oil, Perfect Hair Mask, and our No Frizz line.

We recommend using our No Frizz line, the Bye Bye Frizz Kit, Hairgloss, Blow Dry Express, and Argan Oil.

We recommend using our No Frizz, Perfect Hair, and the Style Curly Line

We recommend using our Bye Bye Frizz, Blow Dry Express, and Hypnotic line.

We recommend using our Fresh Line, and Oil control shampoo

You should consult with your physician to be sure you can get it

Professional Stylists

We recommend using our 3D (3 dimensional) treatment, the SOS protein and the Nine rescue.

We recommend using our Equalize treatment, and the "Bomb" treatment. (Bomb treatment includes a mix of Equalize, Nine Rescue, and SOS protein).

We recommend using the Bye Bye Frizz SUPER or Straight. Pay attention on hair condition to decide which product use.

We recommend using Perfect Hair line.

We recommend using the Detox Treatment (Cristal Line). ​

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