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All about 9Nine Complex Rescue

by Renatta Sanctos 17 Sep 2022

9Nine Rescue is a product that works safely in highlights even in damaged hair, providing homogeneity of color, from the roots to the ends. Improves hair lightening, letting moisturized, restored, and protected during all stages of the chemical process. 

It gives confidence to the hairdresser and less damage to the hair, in any chemical process. 

Learn how to use 9Nine Rescue by Ponto 9 USA

  1. Measure 1 scoop of Bleach Powder and 1 to 1 scoops of developer Ponto 9. If you’re not using Ponto 9 developer, follow the directions of each brand.
  2. Add 9Nine Rescue step #1 as shown in the table below
  3. Stir slowly and wait 5 minutes to occur 100% of the chemical reaction in the bowl.
  4. Start the application.
  5. After reaching the desired level of lightening, massage the bleach throughout the strands and rinse.
  6. If necessary, use toner before the step #2
  7. Apply 9Nine Rescue step #2 . Do not pull or comb the hair, and do a massage. Wait 10 minutes with active #2 on the hair.
  8. Using the back of the comb (thin comb) massage the strands until cuticle is sealed . It should look smooth.
  9. After 10 min, comb with wide-tooth comb and rinse.
  10. Shampoo the hair gently (low pH) and apply conditioner/mask or any treatment



    5 to 20 gr  ( 0,17 to 0,70 oz) Bleach or Color or  relax

    1 gr or 1 pump 9Nine Complex Step 1

    21 to 35 gr ( 0,74 to 1,23oz) Bleach or Color or  relax

    2 gr or 2 pump 9Nine Complex Step 1

    36 to 50 gr ( 1,26 to 1,76oz) Bleach or Color or  relax

    3 gr or 3 pump 9Nine Complex Step 1

    51 to 70 gr (1,79 to 2,46oz) Bleach or Color or  relax

    4 gr or 4 pump 9Nine Complex Step 1

    71 to 90 gr ( 2,50 to 3,17oz) Bleach or Color or  relax

    5 gr or 5 pump 9Nine Complex Step 1

    91 to 111 gr ( 3,21 to 3,91oz) Bleach or Color or  relax

    6 gr or 6 pump 9Nine Complex Step 1


    Use 9Nine Complex Rescue as a treatment:

    • Wash with a soft shampoo
    • Towel dry
    • Mix 5 pumps of nine rescue step1 and 20 mililitres ( 0,68 oz) of water
    • Apply on the hair doing a massage and then use the back of the comb to align and seal the cuticle. Leave for 15 minutes.
    • Don’t rinse and apply nine rescue step 2. Massage as step 4. leave for 15 minutes.
    • Rinse thoroughly, apply a leave in with thermal protection and blow dry and style




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